Lactate Threshold Testing £69
Lactate threshold. It’s the pinnacle of performance monitoring used by elite athletes, Olympians and professional coaches worldwide. It’s the single number that defines athletic capacity and ideal training zones. And it’s now measurable through a simple, wearable device. BSXinsight™ is the only device to measure your lactate threshold and automatically determine your personalized training zones as you train.
Power testing £29
Testing to suit your needs and the events you are riding. Carried out on our Wattbike Pro or trainer. 3 Minute aerobic test. 6 Second max power test. 30 Second Wingate test. Functional threshold power – FTP Other tests available.
1:1 Coaching £40 per hour
Coaching 1:1 to be more specific towards your goals, all sessions are individualized with your physiological needs catered for.

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