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BikestrongUK is an amateur cycling club and race team, supporting both men & women of all levels and abilities. Through the club we aim to support our riders from whatever region in the UK they are located, whether it be riding socially, in sportives or as part of the BikestrongUK racing team.


At BikestrongUK we are all life-time athletes and cyclists who have competed nationally and internationally and are passionate about our sport, improving it, and the conditions and safety of all involved.


BikestrongUK will have an Elite/1/2 team and a Cat 3/4 team, plus a women’s team for all categories. If you wish to be part of the race team then please let us know on application.


The team is sponsored by BikestrongUK Performance cycle coaching platform & Primal Europe who are our kit sponsors.


To become a member please visit¬†BikestrongUK @ British Cycling¬†and click on the ‘Join our Club’ tab.

As a club member here are just some of the few benefits you will enjoy:

  • 10% discount off BikestrongUK club kit which is already 35% lower than RRP.
  • Access to 5 free training plans on training peaks.
  • 10% Discount on all other training plans.
  • 10% discount on coaching.
  • Training tips
  • Club rides
  • British Cycling affiliation
  • Race League affiliation (where possible)

Below you can see our amazing club kit, which is available to order on this site; discounts are available for club and race team members of course.

If you join the club and are interested in performance cycle coaching, we also offer discounts to club members.

We are in the process of affiliating to a number of different leagues around the country, so if you are interested racing in a league please let us know so we can help you out in that respect.


BikestrongUK Men’s club kit

BikestrongUK men's kit

BIkestrongUK Women’s Club kit