Terms and Conditions

Bikestrong Club Membership terms and conditions

  • Club rules will govern who is a member at any time. Members found to be in contravention of club rules will be reviewed and can have their membership rescinded at any time, without recourse.
  • Club membership lasts for a period of 12 months.
  • Members are expected to act in the best interests of the Club, by observing the law and being courteous to other road users and participants of events.
  • Members are expected to follow any guidelines or rules that are either published or advertised by organisers of rides, activities or events. This includes those organised by fellow club members and non-club members, and organisations to which the club is affiliated.
  • It is a pre-condition of membership that each member must also be a member of British Cycling.
  • The Club will employ a clear and published structure for membership fees. This may include an annual membership fee and an administration fee for new members; or similar charges.
  • Members will be alerted by email at the end of each period of membership and reminded to renew; they will then have 28 days in which to do so. If they do not renew they will then receive one further and final reminder. If after a further 14 days they still have not renewed they will receive a warning by email from the relevant Club secretary that they are no longer a member of Bikestrong cycling club. In which case, they may not: represent the Club in any form; participate in any competition promoted by the Club or governed by the rules of a cycling body requiring Club membership; participate in any organised club rides; or, purchase Club kit or benefit from any commercial member benefits (such as discount schemes).

Race team member

  • You promise to wear Bikestrong kit at all events where you are racing for the Bikestrong team.
  • You promise to uphold the values of the club and adhere to all laws present in the authority you are racing under, whether it be in the UK or abroad.
  • You will adhere to all club rules specified above.
  • If direct sponsorship is provided, you promise to utilise provided products/apparel/provisions at all race events.

All club members

  • You promise to uphold the values of the club and adhere to all laws present in the authority you are cycling in, whether it be in the UK or abroad.
  • You will pay membership fee annually, any changes to the membership fee will be published annually at the beginning of September.
  • Any queries to the club can be directed to info@bikestrong.co.uk, which will be responded to promptly.
  • When participating in any BikestrongUK organised event, ride, training, coaching, you promise to adhere to the instructions of the event/ride leader and behave in a manner befitting a Bikestrong community member.
  • Club member discounts and sponsorship benefits will be published on the Bikestrong.co.uk website. These will be subject to change on a bi-annual basis.